Do you have what it takes? Do you think you're brave enough?

Pad Thai, considered to be a 'National Dish' of Thailand, is one of the most famous & popular Thai Cuisine dishes. Because of this, it is the basis for Thai Fusion's (soon to be be famous) food challenge.

This dish, weighing in at over 3 POUNDS is made up of stir-fried rice noodles with egg, fish sauce, tamarind juice & bean sprouts & garnished with crushed Peanuts & even more bean sprouts and a slice of lime, it will come with a combination of Tofu, Pork, Chicken & Vegetables (or, just Tofu & Vegetables for our vegetarian customers).

That might sound like quite the challenge itself, but we take it to a whole
new level by seasoning it with fresh Thai Chili's that take the dish to the...


Here Are The Rules:

  •  (1) One person per challenge
  •  (30 Minutes) Half an hour to finish the entire dish
  •  You cannot leave the table during the challenge period
  •  You CAN drink as much ice water as you like

Finish your meal & it's FREE!* You'll also win an awesome Thai Fusion T-Shirt!

Plus you'll get your photo taken & be inducted into our 'Hall of Flame'!

* If you lose, it will cost you $29.99.  PLEASE: Do not attempt if you cannot handle spicy food.

Internet 'Wall of Flame'

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